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Our Autumn/Winter menu showcases local specialties from the areas of Northern Japan. Travel through Hokkaido, Iwate, Aomori and Miyagi where the landscape is filled with mountain ranges and heavy snow fall.

Guests may choose between our 6-, 7- or 8-course Omakase menu. For a full experience, our sake pairing is highly recommended, which includes some of the rarest, handmade sakes only available on the pairing menu.

8-Course Omakase Menu 125€, Sake Pairing 90€
7-Course Omakase Menu 110€, Sake Pairing 80€ (without Wagyu)
6-Course Omakase Menu 95€, Sake Pairing 70€ (without Buri & Wagyu)

We do not offer A La Carte. For sushi takeaway, please find our menu here.

A vegetarian menu is possible with a 48-hour notice. We are unable to accommodate vegan diet preferences at this time.

Chef's Appetizer 本日の前菜盛り合わせ
Sea trout, cucumber miso, squid
Ankimo Saikyo Yaki あん肝の西京焼き
Monkfish liver, white miso, watermelon radish
Wagyu Aburi Nigiri 丹波牛の炙り
Kyoto A5 Tanba beef nigiri, 2 pieces
Shyouga Miso Oden 生姜味噌おでん
Namafu, daikon, konjac, egg
Buri Kombu ブリ昆布焼き
Yellowtail, dried gourd, kelp
Kaisen Don 海鮮丼
Assortment of sliced raw fish over rice
Ichigoni いちご煮
Sea urchin, abalone
Assortment of Desserts 3種のデザート盛り
Edamame, sweet potato, warabi mochi