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Our menu is focused on the izakayas (gastro-pub) of Japan where people gather after a long day of work. Izakaya literally translates to a "stay and drink sake shop", and here we go back to our roots. For a full experience, our sake pairing is highly recommended, featuring handmade and rare sakes from small breweries.

8-Course Omakase Menu 105€, Sake Pairing 75€
6-Course Omakase Menu 78€, Sake Pairing 57€
         (without Ankimo & Wagyu)

We do not offer substitutions or a la carte. We are unable to accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diet preferences at this time.

Chef's Appetizer 本日の前菜盛り合わせ
Dashi tomato, squid, celery, sake kasu cream cheese
Reisei Chawanmushi 冷製茶碗蒸し
Egg, sea urchin, salmon roe
Ankimo あん肝
"Fois gras of the sea", monkfish liver, ponzu
Yuzu Koshou Yaki 魚の柚子胡椒焼き
White koji, yuzu, daikon, pickled watermelon radish
Wagyu Aburi Nigiri 丹波牛の炙り
Kyoto A5 Tanba beef nigiri, 2 pieces
Sasami ささみの紫蘇チーズフライ
Chicken croquette, shiso, cheese, tonkatsu sauce
Chirashi Don ちらし丼とお吸い物
Assorted raw fish, vegetables, rice, soup of the day
Assortment of Desserts 3種のデザート盛り
Edamame, sweet potato, mochi