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Our menu changes with the seasons, showcasing the finest locally sourced and imported ingredients, with modern recipes that assure an ebb and flow between innovation and tradition.

8-Course Omakase Menu 105€, Sake Pairing 60€
The Omakase menu must be ordered for the entire table.

Chef's Appetizer 本日の前菜盛り合わせ
White Asparagus, Kyoto tofu, octopus cucumber salad
Tamago Tofu with Unagi うなぎ卵豆腐 
Egg tofu, eel, shiitake mushroom, crab, shrimp, salmon roe
Ankimo Madai Maki あん肝と真鯛のポン酢ジュレ
Sea bream, monkfish liver, ponzu
Hirame Usuzukuri ヒラメの薄造り
Turbot, spicy Japanese citrus sauce
A5 Wagyu Tartar 和牛タルタル
Kyoto Tanba beef, sea urchin, salmon roe, parmesan, seaweed
Seasonal Vegetable Tempura 野菜の天ぷら盛り
Seasonal vegetables, roasted tea salt, salted plums
Hitsumabushi ひつまぶし
Pan fried eel over rice, sansho, wasabi and smoky dashi broth
Assortment of Desserts 3種のデザート盛り
Shiso yuzu sorbet, sake kasu raisin, strawberries, red bean

*Please note that while we do serve select fish and seafood dishes, NOMU Sake Bar does not serve sushi at this time. Due to the nature of our menu, we are unable to accommodate vegetarian or vegan diet preferences.